Hiram and McKee Awards

The Hiram Award may be given by the Lodge to one of its member and shall be considered the highest honor for service that can be bestowed upon a member by a Lodge. It is given once every three years.

MW Monty J. Glover PGM  Raised  02/12/2002
Hon. Milton L Anderson Raised 03/11/2003
MW Frank M Condello II Raised 05/24/1995
WB George Adam Theofanis PM Raised 10/11/1994
Bro. Jon Haig  Raised 02/25/1992
Bro. Lee K. Kaneakua  Raised  07/22/2008
WB Garry Graham PM
The McKee Award may be given by the Grand Lodge, upon nomination by the Grand Master or by the Master of any Lodge, to any Master Mason: who has rendered distinguished service to his Lodge. It can be delivered once a year by the Grand Lodge and once every three years by the mother Lodge.

MW Monty J. Glover PGM  Raised  02/12/2002
MW Frank M. Condello II Raised 05/24/1995
WB Gilles R. Tisseraud PM Raised 11/13/2007
WB Dexter Carrasco PM Raised 04/18/2006
WB Dale Palileo PM Raised 07/02/2004
Bro. Mike Sienkiewic​z

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