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Honolulu Masonic Research Society

1EC1819Every Blue Lodge does, or should, pursue the three principle tenants of Masonry; Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. Brotherly Love is manifested in our fellowship, Relief by our Charity, and Truth is manifested by our pursuit of light or, “The Truth.”

The purpose of the Honolulu Masonic Research Society is to provide a forum and a format where individual brothers can exercise their desire to know the deeper meanings of Masonic teachings, sharpen their critical thinking and research skills through engagement with their fellow Masons, and enjoy the research and findings of like-minded Masons.

The pursuit of truth and enlightenment requires a disciplined mind. That is to say, before a man is able to come to profound realizations about himself and the world around him; he has to free himself of his frailties of Sloth, Ignorance and Pride. The method of the Honolulu Masonic Research Society isn’t to engage in undisciplined, raucous debate which is so prevalent today and gives rise to the triumph of fallacy and ignorance, but to pursue enlightenment through methodic and disciplined discussion which respects alternate views, employs logic, and develops within the Mason greater ability to distinguish facts from conjecture.

HMRS discussion employs a chair or moderator to guide the discussion to ensure equal voice to all and tries to facilitate the most productive means of exploring each brother’s contribution.

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