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The Histories and Personalities of Anti-Masonry...

February 28th 2017 Lecture Dinner

The Histories and Personalities of Anti-Masonry…”You know there out there, you’ve read their writings, you may’ve even met some. They ‘re more than just conspiracy theorists.

They’re Popes throughout history, government bureaucracies, and writers of media of all types. They’re the anti-Masonic crowd, and shedding light on their misconceptions and preventing their fears and misunderstandings from running rampant to the point of enslaving us has become as much a part of Masonic life as Festive Boards, community service, and degrees.

What’re the common factors that’ve motivated them through time? What does the crowd look like now? Join us for the first lecture dinner of 2017 and see what the members of our Honolulu Masonic Research Society have been able to turn up on the subject.

The menu will be a three course meal:

Sweet Chili Beef Roast with dried plums, red potatoes, carrots and corn on the cob.
Dessert with coffee

$20.00 per guest. Seating for 75.

Restricted Access

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