The Preparation Room

For the Masonic candidate awaiting initiation, please read and review the following documents regarding the essence of Freemasonry and the journey of degrees upon which you are about to embark:

Approaching the Portals

Introduction to Freemasonry

Take some time to review the contents on the following webpage:

Grand Lodge of Hawaii Resources

The magnitude and importance of this journey you are about to take needs no further explanation beyond the names contained in the following list. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and you are about to follow in their footsteps:

Famous Freemasons

On the night of your degree, come well rested with a receptive mind, knowing that you are about to experience age-old traditions similar to those that our eminent Brothers like the Founding Fathers experienced hundreds of years ago. Finally, as you take your Entered Apprentice degree – for nothing more than your own personal benefit – keep this question in the back of your head:

“Who am I, and where am I going?”

Perhaps someday, our work as Masons will help you answer this question in a fulfilling way, beginning with your Entered Apprentice Degree.

Safe travels!

Restricted Access

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