Cornerstone Award

Picture 020bCreated by Worshipful Dale Palileo during his reign as Master, the Cornerstone award is a mark of distinction given by the Pillars of the lodge to Brothers who have served Honolulu Lodge well. Seeing that the McKee and the Hiram Awards are given every three years, Worshipful Palileo felt it was necessary to recognize brothers more frequently, to keep morale high and to let them know that their efforts are well noticed. Below is the list of Brethren who have received this honored award since it’s creation in 2008.

MW Bro. Monty J. Glover PGM
MW Bro. Dennis S.A. Ing PGM
WBro. Dale Palileo PM
WBro. Garry Graham PM
WBro. Jimmy Coleman PM
WBro. Darryl Lajola PM
WBro. Mark P. Leo PM
Bro. Lopaka Kapanui
Bro. Owen Shieh
Bro. Aaron P. Daguio
Bro. Gerhart Walch
Bro. Wesley Davis
Bro. Greg Pentecost
Bro. Carl Richards

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