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On the ninth day of April 1895, a group of Masons gathered together at the home of Clinton B. Ripley to discuss the formation of a new lodge in Honolulu. Worshipful Brother Henry E. Cooper, the Junior Past Master of Hawaiian Lodge, spearheaded, engineered, organized, and obtained the proper documentation needed to institute a new lodge and laid the cornerstone to erect the new lodge. Pacific Lodge No. 822 was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland through the District Grand Lodge of Queensland. In 1910, this Lodge transferred to the Grand Lodge of California and became known as Honolulu Lodge No. 409. In 1989, the Grand Lodge of Hawaii was chartered and Honolulu Lodge No. 409 became simply known as Honolulu Lodge.


It began rather modestly, more than a century ago, when a small group of Freemasons formed the founding charter of Pacific Lodge no. 822. Their goal was a simple one; to create an environment in which excellence thrives and to develop a place where they, their guests, and all future members could draw upon the sustaining values of a common Masonic experience. Here, in Honolulu, the capital city of the State of Hawaii, they established a permanent residence for their shared ideals. Through the generations, this magnificent institution has provided a stimulating atmosphere where members gather socially, expand culturally, and preserve and impart those high-minded masonic tenants which have endured since time immemorial.

Through the vitality of its members, it has evolved into one of Hawaii’s leading masonic lodges offering unparalleled experiences to members: from gracious fellowship and a deep respect for ritual and masonic knowledge, to an extensive creative and collaborative vision in all its undertakings.

Steeped in tradition, Honolulu Lodge reflects a warm and welcoming ambiance, while addressing the current needs of its membership. Enthusiastic members commit their skills and time to create this appealing atmosphere. Over the years, through a strong and active vision, members have been the source of the inspiration and leadership that ensures Honolulu Lodge’s continued relevance and importance to their lives and the world of Freemasonry.

The very heart and soul of Honolulu Lodge is its dedicated members.

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