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May 30, 20143 years ago

90 Years Old & 50 Years of Masonry

We recently received pictures from Bro. Seth Dowling of Hannibal Lodge No. 224… Read more
May 28, 20143 years ago

Second Degree: Bro. Ryan Barnes

Congratulations to Bro. Ryan Barnes on being passed to the second degree of masonry… Read more
May 21, 20143 years ago

Honorable Bro. Owen Shieh featured in the Scottish Rite Journal

Honorable Bro. Owen Shieh was recently featured in the book review section of the May-June 2014 Scottish Rite Journal… Read more
May 21, 20143 years ago

First Degree: Bro. Javonnii Curry Jr.

Congratulations to Bro. Javonnii Curry Jr. on his initiation into Honolulu Lodge F&AM… Read more
May 18, 20143 years ago

A Masonic Jewel From Augsburg, Germany.

The Freemasons of Augsburg, Germany recently presented Worshipful Mark Leo… Read more
May 18, 20143 years ago

Masonic Gifts from the GLNF

Throughout the twinning of Honolulu Lodge F&AM and Loge Tiarama No. 1867, Worshipful Mark Leo… Read more
May 7, 20143 years ago

Grand Master's Official Visitation

The brethren of Honolulu Lodge F&AM recently convened to hold their stated meeting for the month of May… Read more

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