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July 21, 20116 years ago

The 2011 Black & White Ball

The Grand Lodge Black & White Ball is quickly approaching. Please make sure to purchase… Read more
July 18, 20116 years ago

The Traveling Man: Hon. Diamond Robinson visits Texas

Brother Diamond Robinson returns home on a visit to the great state of Texas… Read more

The Traveling Man (Introduction)

Through energy, courage, study, and perseverance a Brother Mason is given the opportunity to scale the great heights of the social and moral virtues. And to be conferred the title of Master Mason and deemed Sublime should forever be considered a social and moral responsibility as it is a privilege. It is no secret amongst us that in becoming a Master Mason one is granted the privilege of “traveling”. Palpable are the opportunities which this gives rise to. The Liberty to travel the globe in Masonic fashion, to meet, create, and build relationships with brethren around the world, and to possess the security that where ever your travels may take you, a fellow Brother is always near. We should never forget that provided these material opportunities, we are also provided with those intangible opportunities which lay spiritual. No matter who we are, the positions we hold, the powers we wield, and the levels of success we achieve, we are all traveling on a never ending journey. A journey to satisfy the most insatiable appetites known to man, appetites that as men (and human beings) we will never be able to satisfy in their entirety. Appetites that can only be partially elixered through the search for Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom and Truth. Traveling means that we have not yet reached our destination, and that the search for Truth must continue..

This newly created category on our website is a place where we will document the worldly travels of Honolulu Lodge brethren, as well document those journeys of traveling brethren who have found themselves at the doorstep of Honolulu Lodge.

Mark Leo
Honolulu Lodge F&AM
Senior Deacon (2011)

July 17, 20116 years ago

Makiki Temple Renovation Update

Brethren! On this “renovation update” post we’d like to show you pictures showcasing the aftermath of the interior demolition… Read more
July 11, 20116 years ago

Tribute to Bro. Harold Estes

Yesterday afternoon was one of those moments when American men and women of all races and backgrounds… Read more

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