1895 Society

1895 Society

1895sIndividual acts of generosity and vision remain at the heart of Honolulu Lodge F&AM. The Lodge’s most loyal and generous benefactors are recognized as members of the 1895 Society. Membership is an honor bestowed on members, family, and friends who have given ______ or more during their lifetime.

Every generation has left its mark on Honolulu Lodge F&AM, so that this Lodge made great by its people, its traditions, and its accomplishments becomes an even greater institution for the generations that follow.

Members of the 1895 Society are true partners in this great institution, and they enjoy a special relationship with each other and with the members of the Lodge. Through their giving they help bring the Lodge’s most important goals within reach, and through their example, they inspire other members, family, and friends to support Honolulu Lodge F&AM.

The Founding Year

On the ninth day of April 1895, a group of Masons gathered together at the home of Clinton B. Ripley to discuss the formation of a new lodge in Honolulu.

Worshipful Brother Henry E. Cooper, the Junior Past Master of Hawaiian Lodge, spearheaded, engineered, organized, and obtained the proper documentation needed to institute a new lodge and laid the cornerstone to erect the new lodge.

Pacific Lodge No. 822 was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland through the District Grand Lodge of Queensland. In 1910, this Lodge transferred to the Grand Lodge of California and became known as Honolulu Lodge No. 409.

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